Monday, September 23, 2013

Aaron and I pretty much gave up fast food (wha?!)

It was not planned or intended, but aside from a trip to Chipotle for dinner Saturday night, Aaron and I haven't eaten fast food in two weeks!  And we feel fantastic!  I have even lost about 5 pounds, which is awesome.  We have extra money too, which is double awesome!

You see, Aaron is a substitute teacher, and horrible eater.  He typically would just drink soda all day at school, then pick up fast food on the way home and eat pre-dinner, then not eat much of the dinner I made in the evening.  This infuriated me because I'd just as well eat cereal for dinner if he isn't going to eat.  Save me some energy and dishes to do! 

So one morning, Aaron got up to get in the shower and I was wide awake even though I had an extra half hour to sleep.  So I got up and I made us sack lunches.  Nothing crazy, just a sandwich and some chips and a little Debbie snack cake.  I just hoped it would entice him to eat during the day, and not eat a whole meal at 3pm.  Success!  I guess he will eat a normal breakfast and lunch if someone packs it for him.  I don't mind, because I need to make lunch for myself anyway otherwise I am rolling through Burger King at lunch too. 

So then that routine went the whole week.  We were so proud of ourselves by the end of the week, we wanted to keep the streak going!  So we packed lunches and cooked dinner at home for another week.  Then a few days ago, Aaron mentioned how aside from his typically allergy problems, he's been feeling pretty good.  I reflected, and thought I was feeling pretty good too. 
I mean, duh, everyone knows how fast food is terrible for you, this makes perfect sense.  But actually having tangible results puts it on a whole different level.  We are sticking with this.  Not feeling sluggish, or tired, or sugar crashy is really nice.  To boot, we aren't even really eating 'healthy' lunches and still feeling better!  I mean, little Debbie snack cakes...hello.  And Aaron still drinks sugar sodas kind of frequently, and I indulge in a diet coke at least once a day.  Maybe this little momentum will springboard us into the next phase of healthiness.  (Like, what would it be like if we ate a vegetable during lunch?  or, gasp, exercised?)  Baby steps!  If I could drop another 5 pounds though, that'd be pretty rad. 

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Chasing the Dragon

I am not talking about drug use, but this is what it feels like when I can't control myself around food. 

Hi, I'm here to sabotage you!

I get it that planning is paramount to eating right consistently, but what happens when you have a plan, but the monster in your head wants you to throw the plan out the window?

Here is what happened.  Monday I decided that we aren't getting any younger here, and we are starting the lifestyle change of health on Tuesday.  I have a fridge stocked with healthy food, we even got rid of soda!  I was proud for about half a day.

So Tuesday came, and for breakfast I had a yogurt and a hard boiled egg.  Banana for a snack.  I went to Jack-in-the Box because they have a delicious southwestern salad that I love.  *Side note (not trying to be classist - but you ought not order a salad from a fast food establishment in the poor area of town.  I am willing to bet they hardly ever sell salads, thus the beans in my salad were all slimy and on the road to rottenville.)  For snacks I ate more fruit and cashews.  It was looking to be a stellar day.

Driving home from work, I have every intention of making fish tacos for dinner, and completing the day on a high note.  I get home.  Tell Aaron we are having fish tacos, he sorta makes a face, but says sounds good.  The next words out of my mouth: ' But really, all I want is a deep dish pizza from Little Caesars.'  He offers to go pick it up, and we are eating a days worth of calories at dinner. 

It makes me mad that I can have a solid plan in place, but if I get a whim to deviate, I always do.  I can do everything right until a craving hits, then I don't feel like I am in the drivers seat anymore.  I really need to find a way to figure this out, or I will never be able to meet any weight loss goal I set for myself.  Plus it doesn't help that Aaron is just as susceptible to the lack of self control.  Sometimes I wonder if we are holding each other back on the health front.  If it isn't me with the pizza for dinner, it is him with all the snacks and junk food. 

Does this resonate with anyone?  Any ideas on how to stay on track?

Monday, August 19, 2013

Snack Snack Snack Snack Snack Snacks

That title was supposed to be said to the tune of that Shots shots shots... song.  I know, I am a weirdo, what do you want from me?!  lol.

I am such a snacker.  I can't go hours and hours between meals without eating.  I either become starved, really tired like my blood sugar drops too low.  Or I just get grouchy and that isn't fun for anyone.


Before I started caring about my health, this was the snack situation in our household

That stuff just tastes awesome and it is cheap and never goes bad.  It is tough not to love it.

But now a days I try to eat stuff that is nutritionally dense and filling while low-ish in sugar/carbs.  Here are some of my go to snacks.

String Cheese
Laughing Cow Cheese on Celery
Veggies and Hummus (but be careful, hummus is high in fat(even though it is good fat))
Fruit - Totally good for the sweet tooth
Turkey lunch meat wrapped around a pickle spear
Peanut butter on celery
Nuts - Almonds, Cashews, whatever we have
A hard boiled egg
Sugar Free Snack Pack Pudding/Jello

There really is a ton of options for a healthy snack instead of doritos or chips ahoy.  What do you like to snack on?

Friday, August 16, 2013

Liebster Award!

I was nominated by the sweet Rae Kaye for the Liebster Award. This is an award for up and coming bloggers who have less than 200 followers. Which is me! There are a few steps to go through, so here goes!

1. Link the blogger who nominated you:

          Rae Kaye @ Figuring It Out

2. You must answer 10 questions given to you by your nominee.

1.Weights or yoga?
For enjoyment factor, I would choose yoga.  It is relaxing and works you out without getting disgustingly sweaty.

2. Cats or dogs?
Dogs.  I am slowly getting on board with cats, it is just a very different transition from always being the boss of your pet.  Cats listen to no one. 

3. What's your favorite workout?
Anything that is a sport or a game.  The fun makes me forget that I am doing work, lol. 

4. What's your favorite summer activity?
Staying inside out of the heat! Unless I am at the beach

5. What is your go to meal when you're having guests?
Probably Fajitas

6. What's your food weakness?
Desserts of all forms, and cereal

7. What, do you feel, is your greatest accomplishment?
Finishing school and having a good career

8. Are you more like your mother or father?

9.  Do you watch any embarrassing TV shows? If so, which?
The Bachelor/Bachelorette, Catfish, Honey Boo Boo, Teen Mom, Sisterwives, Below Deck, Toddlers in Tiaras, all the shows involving hoarders or gypsys.  I pretty much ONLY watch embarrassing TV.  #dontcurr

10. What is your definition of beauty?
Confident, Kind and Generous.  Facial symmetry (per science) lol. 
4. Now you must think of 10 questions to ask
1. What are you most looking forward to this Fall?
2. Favorite Workout?
3. What is a goal you are working on?
4. Favorite Vegetable?
5.  What is a blog that you love to read daily?
6. Greatest Accomplishment?
7. The Best Tasting Healthy Meal You Make?
8. Food Weakness?
9. What embarrassing shows do you watch?
10. What is your definition of beauty?

5. Nominate 5 bloggers:

Samantha @ 24 to 30
Kathryn @ Illustrated Nutrition

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Non-Scale Victories Link Up!

Hey guys, long time, eh?  I have learned that if I don't organize all my blog things ahead of time, before I know it the week gets away from me!
I am linking up with KTJ and Alex this week for non-scale victories.  I've been seeing it around every Thursday but haven't joined yet. 
I can't say that I have many victories, because I have done minimal amounts of trying.  However:
*I brought my breakfast and lunch to work 3 days this week, as opposed to 0
*I have cut it down to 1 diet coke at night
*I have been drinking much more water than usual
See, it isn't much, but it is a start to build upon, right?